Just thought I should let you know that I've slowly but surely been working on new music. So far, I have written at least a little bit of each of these pieces. 

Tick-Tock Symphony
Symphony No. 1
The Nature Suite Mvt. II. Rainbows

For more information about each of these, check out the "Upcoming Works" section of the website.

Progress is a little slow because of my responsibilities as a student, but purchasing my scores or making a donation to me can help free up some of my time so that I can focus more on writing music and getting higher quality recordings. If you can't do either, then something as simple as posting a comment, emailing me your thoughts about my music, or sharing my website with your friends makes more of a difference than you realize.

Regardless of what you do, thank you for your support!
Just finished recording Cloud Nine! Thanks to my friends Blake and Mauricio for lending me equipment and helping me record. You can listen to some of Mauricio's music here:  http://soundcloud.com/Ei8htball . Recording this was one of the more interesting things I've ever done in my life, to say the least... I had to play every part, and I'm sure that the neighbors were confused about all the noise. I'm just glad that they didn't call the police to make sure we were okay, haha! You can listen to the recording here: http://soundcloud.com/steventhomas-6/cloud-nine . 
My high school orchestra worked very hard to prepare this piece for their 2011 Winter Concert, and they did a great job (as good as a high school orchestra can do with a piece like this, haha)! It was a fun night, and I enjoyed conducting, although it was really scary – particularly when people started to get off towards the end. The audience seemed like they really enjoyed the performance. Thank you everyone for all your support and hard work, particularly Ms. Allen and Mr. Brewer, the music directors at my school who helped put it all together!
Just got done working on the first movement of my newest piece, The Nature Suite, go check it out!